Patch 0.37

Just looking at how its only 5 hours makes me doubt of epic things that will happen. =/
Most definitely a release of all the Maple equipment, plus hopefully the new 3rd set that hasn’t come to our version yet. Time will tell on what we get, expect a late edit once patch notes come out.

Greetings, Maplers!
MapleStory Client ver. 0.37 is now live!
Explore the wonder and mysteries of Korean Folk Town!

Below is the overview of what’s in store for you:

< Game >

Server Enhancements:
- The number of Game Channels for all servers is now set at 19 for bandwidth efficiency and
  a performance boost. 

New Quests:
- Camila's Lost Letter
- Two Ways to Get to Korean Folk Town
- Korean Folk Town : Through the Sky
- Korean Folk Town : Through the Ocean
- Tae Gong's Love For His wife
- The Brothers' Stack of Rice1
- The Brothers' Stack of Rice2
- The Brothers' Stack of Rice3
- The Brothers' Stack of Rice4
- Brotherly Love
- The Lost Seed
- Opening Nolbu's Gourd
- Opening Hongbu's Gourd
- The Seed That Swallow Lost
- Preparing to Eliminate Goblins
- Eliminate Goblins
- Chil Sung's Roasted Pork
- Chil Nam's Buckwheat Paste
- Kong Ji's Rice Wine
- Retrieving the Storybook : Hongbu and Nolbu
- Retrieving the Storybook : Kong Ji and Pat Ji
- Retrieving the Storybook : Brotherly Love
- Retrieving the Storybook : The Goblin Tale
- Pot with a Hole
- Extracting Artemesia
- The Wooden Hoe That Snapped
- Tiger-Hunting
- Grandma Yeon's Pot
- The Storybook on Brotherly Love
- The Storybook on Kong Ji and Pat Ji
- The Storybook on Hongbu and Nolbu (Hongbu)
- The Storybook on Hongbu and Nolbu (Nolbu)
- The Storybook on the Goblin Story
- The Kids That Became the Sun and the Moon
- Retrieving the Storybook : The Kids That Became the Sun and the Moon
- The Storybook on The Kids That Became the Sun and the Moon storybook
- Mr. Shim's Request
- Retrieving the Storybook : Shim Chung
- The Storybook on Shim Chung
- The Fox Hunt
- The Story of Axes
- The Story of the Axes2
- The Story of the Axes3
- Retrieving the Storybook : The Story of Axes
- The Storybook on the Story of Axes

< NPC >

- Mr. Noh
- Bung's Mama
- Moki
- Dori
- Chumji
- Hongbu
- Nolbu
- Chil Nam
- Chil Nam's Haystack
- Grandma Yeon
- Kong Ji
- Chil Sung
- Chil Sung's Haystack
- Swallow
- Heanim
- Mr.Shim

< Monsters >

- Moon Bunny
- Hodori
- Samiho
- Hogul
- Blin
- Morphed Blin

< Items >
1)	Cash Item 

a. 	Top
	Slime T-Shirt
	Cherry Layered T
	Pastel Layered Hooded Shirt

b.	Cape
	Blue G-Wing Jetpack

c.	Gloves
	Star Glove

d.	Weapon
	Blue Blazing Sword
	Feather Scimitar

e.	Hat
	Slime Hat
	Pink-Dotted Hairband

f.	Etc
	Cloud Ring
	Bruise (Face Acc)

Enjoy the new content for MapleStory! Happy Mapling!

-The MapleStory Staff-

Well, lole >_>;.

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