Three new games =P

During my time at State, I went by over to a GameStop to browse over the games they had there. When I left, I ended up buying 3 new games, making me kinda busy as I finish them as of now.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow


The sequel to the rather good Aria of Sorrow of GBA lore, this game proves to be a worthy sequel not by totally re-inventing the formula, but improving the previous system that the first one employed. I’m a sucker into “Metroidvania” games rather than the originals themselves, mostly because of RPG elements embedded into the game. Awesome game overall, Julius Mode especially, if you know what I mean :D.

Shining Force Neo


Can you say most tedious button masher ever? I know I can. Rather than following the series’ traditional route of tactics and strategy, Neverland instead ventures forward into the hack-and-slash RPG field, which is okay I guess (I did like the Dreamcast’s Record of Lodoss War, also produced by the previous company). It’s not the best game in the world with its rather bland story, battles, and not so great VAs, but I also am a sucker for games like these, even if it really is horrible. The only positive thing I can give it is the fact of Force Frame customization, and well, anything RPG that has customization is good in my book.

I’ll go over the last game later, I have yet to play it yet.


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