Patch 0.38

The FTP updates around this time, it always does.

Right, anyways here it is:

Greetings, Maplers!
MapleStory Client ver. 0.38 is now live!
It's MapleStory's 2nd Anniversary! Let's Party hard!

Our in-game events include: 

2nd Annual Maple Gear Equips Drop!
Birthday Quests!
Cody's Candle Clash Quest!
Double EXP!
Double Drop!
GM Events!

Below is the overview of what’s in store for you:

< New Quests > 

2nd Birthday Present Event(RED)
2nd Birthday Present Event(BLUE)
2nd Birthday Cody's Quest

< Monsters >

- Cake Monster
- Candle Monster

< Items >

1) In-game Items

a. 	Red Maple Bandana
b.	Yellow Maple Bandana
c. 	Blue Maple Bandana
d.  	White Maple Bandana
e. 	Blue Maple Flag
f.	Maple Anniversary Weapons
g. 	Red Birthday Present
h. 	Blue Birthday Present

2) Maple Gear Equips

	- Maple Sword
	- Maple Soul Singer
	- Maple Wagner
	- Maple Staff
	- Maple Lama Staff
	- Maple Dragon Axe
	- Maple Doom Singer
	- Maple Impaler
	- Maple Scorpio
	- Maple Bow
	- Maple Soul Searcher
	- Maple Crow
	- Maple Crossbow
	- Maple Claw
	- Maple Kandayo
	- Maple Claw
	- Maple Snowboard
	- Maple Shield
	- Maple Hat
	- Maple Hat
	- Maple Hat
	- Maple Hat

3)	Cash Item 

a. 	Weapon
	Pink Ribbon Umbrella

b. 	Top
	Striped Hooded Shirt
	Checkered Casual Suit
	Blanc Rose Top 

c. 	Overall
	Red Hip Hop Suit

d.	Hair
	Fourtail Braids - Female
	Ravishing Raven - Female
	Dashing Damsel - Female
	Lovely Ladyhawk - Female
	Cecelia Twist - Female
	Grand Lionman - Male
	Kongfu Braids - Male
	Shaggy Dragon - Male
	Rise N Shine - Male
	Metro Man - Male	

e. 	Anniversary Packages

f.	Etc.
	Futuristic Shades
	Rose Crystal Watch
	Twinkling Star (Effect)

g. 	Pet Equip
	Pelvis Hair (Monkey)		

check out the Cash Shop!

Be sure to visit the website and participate in our web events as well:

-Design the next great MapleStory Weapon!-
-Design the next fearsome MapleStory Monster!-
-Fanart and more!- 

Enjoy the new content for MapleStory! Happy Mapling!

-The MapleStory Staff-

Pretty boring patch in my opinion, but I guess its a relief for those who rely on Maple equipment entirely. Other than that, its a rehash of last year’s event only with the number II instead.


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