Third game

Remember that post a while back, yeah well I got around to playing it and here’s my take on that game.

Shining Force EXA


I would call this more of an expansion set rather than a totally new game (in my opinion) as there are a ton of things that got transferred over from NEO, more notably the levels, enemies, (with small graphical changes) character set-up (though I expected this of course) and well, many more. Not a whole lot of new things introduced other than splitting your equally balanced hero from NEO into two characters that are solely based on their respective abilities and the Geo-Fortress, this game’s HQ and other fun little things. You’re still button mashing here and there and you’re still saving the world from an undeniably end in well, the end, but I’m used to that already. The game will provide you with 24 hours of throwing your controller fun with an additional 10-20 more hours of side quest goodies, so unless you like your RPGs story-driven and have new and fun gameplay, give this game a go.


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