Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin


Compared to Dawn of Sorrow, this game is a bit more bright and colorful than it’s predecessor, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Though the initial castle layout is quite a ways smaller, this game makes it up with 9 additional levels (or portraits) along with one extra level that’s completely optional. In total there are 10, though the last set of portraits are just modifications of the first 4 you encounter.

Gone is the Soul System of DoS and replaced with a Skill System that allows players to find subweapons/spells for Jonathan and Charlotte. You can then master these skills (which only apply to Jonathan) to unlock their maximum potential. A few of these items you would have to get from an enemy drop which quite frankly in this game is much easier and faster compared to DoS’s. I still prefer Soma’s fun (though often boring) souls compared to Jonathan’s subweapons or Charlotte’s spells. (Spamming mastered Shuriken is fun though)

Extras in this game include Boss Rush Courses (3 in total), Wi-Fi Shop (Vendors from other players in other words), Co-op play, Hard Mode (With level caps now), and the usual gaggle of extra characters you can play as in a new game.

While not bringing anything totally new into the Metroidvania fray, (Nice to see they got rid of the Magic Sealing system =D) it would be nice if Konami could have introduced some more DS functionality, more specifically with the Touch screen.  Aside from that, this game delivers an enjoyable adventure to play as, and should be recommended to have in your DS library.

Don’t worry, I still play, for now I’m trying to take advantage of this year’s 2x EXP

With my console/handheld gaming binge at a low as of now, maybe I can start playing MS full-time, maybe. =O


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