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Resident Evil 4 (Or 4 Resident Evil for those who pay attention to the box art =P)

Now I know I’m quite late on the news, but yeah, RE4 is one of the better games of the series (some might even say it’s even better than RE2. I’ve posted both boxes of the game simply because I have them both, though I only really started playing the PS2 version after seeing my older brother play the GC version.

This is my first time playing an RE game of any kind (Though I have 0-3 plus Code Veronica, although my brother touched those and not me) and will most likely be my last unless RE5/RE:UC is just as action-y as this one is. Yeah I’m pretty wimpy when it comes to games like this, and I fully accept this, maybe I’ll grow accustomed to survival horror later on in life.

RE4 stars Leon Kennedy from RE2 as he delves into the deep unknowns of European territory that spans from villages to castles and even more. His mission is to rescue the President’s daughter (Thank god not the actual guy himself, otherwise Leon will have to be a bad enough dude to accomplish that =D) and bring her back over to the States. Unfortunately the game throws massive crap at you with the cult Los Illuminados before you can safely get the hell out of there.

To protect himself and the blond, Leon delivers non zombie justice with a variety of fire-arms, along with some powerful kicks as well. Anyways the game favors a more action-packed side rather than trying to scare the crap out of you (Though there are times in the game where it still does this). This also includes specialized button pressing similar to the ones you find in GoW or Shenmue that you need to do to save your hide quite a few times.

When you finish the game (Something that as of now am I only about 65% there) you get to start again with playing Professional (NG+) or play some of the Ada related side stories to unlock some hidden goodies, a few you’ll only find in the PS2 version. This includes new weapons to purchase during a second round of the game to costumes, one of which might help you greatly if you don’t care for Ashley a whole lot.

In the end, the game is a nice package that’s chock full of content, and doesn’t bring a whole lot of bad things out either. If you haven’t picked this game up already, you should do so now, both versions are quite cheap and it’s worth every penny.

In other news, I’ll continue my Maple exploits as soon as the school year ends for me, which is about 10 days from now, I’m hoping for a patch this week or next. =P


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