My kind of game….

Seventh Cross: Evolution

…if I’m extremely bored. Though considered a bit lackluster due to, well, everything (except for the gameplay) I like it, and I’m not the only one either.

Story: Well, there really is none, at least not towards the end. Till then, you’ll have to survive in the beginning as a protist and evolve until you reach the Origin stage. From there the game really kicks off, not story-wise of course!

Gameplay: Dubbed as a sort of dog-eat-dog world, you’ll have to battle the local critters and consume their corpses to gain nutrients. You’ll also gain some EVP (EXP in this game) needed to evolve in ways that are somewhat random. Once you get enough EVP, you’ll need to go to a Monolith (Which also functions as a teleport system and a save point) and select the EVOLUTION option. The screen then goes to a 10×10 grid where you basically create random designs of different colors. Once you’re done, you enter your design in and bam, you get a few points up in certain stats depending on the colors you used and you’ll also get a body part of varying levels. These range from HEAD, BODY, ARM, and LEG, with levels from 1-30. Of course in order to “equip” these parts, you’re body needs a certain amount of nutrients in order to support the body part, higher levels of body parts also require two more specialized nutrients not found till later in the game.

Soon as you evolve enough of your choosing, you can choose to continue on and beat the area’s boss and reach the next area. Land obstacles often block the way to the boss and require certain LEG parts thate let you traverse them (For example to cross deep waters, you’ll need to create a LEG part that can do that, etc.) It’s pretty much the main focus of the game, other than that, there’s not much to talk about (Battle is completely one-sided, making it pretty boring).

Graphics: Considered pretty good for a launch title at its time, now, well, not so much. =) Some of the areas are pretty nice though, in a desolate kind of way.

Sound: None really, not a whole lot of music going plus some bland sound effects.

Difficulty: It’s quite hard in the beginning due to not some giant crabs hitting your weak points for massive damage. Once you get past that though, you’ll breeze through the game, provided you bring your stats up really high. Even if you die, you end up going back to your first area totally stripped of your previous parts and back in the Origin state. You’ll still keep all your nutrients and your EVP, but you’ll need to get enough to wear your parts again.

Replay value: There’s two endings depending on what you have on as your form when you get to a certain point. There’s also two side-bosses that are considerably harder than the last parts of the game, and can be stumbled upon by accident, which might frustrate you. Wait till you see one of them, it’ll baffle you how something like that can kick your ass so easily with laser (or energy, your guess is as good as mine) beams.

Overall: I’d give it a 7.5/10, you’re mileage may vary.


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