Ryusei no Rockman/Mega Man Star Force (IMPORT)

I’ll admit that I’m a Rockman whore, though I would rather stick to the RPG series. =P By the way, there’s three versions, rather than the usual two. Oh you greedy Capcom!

Story: You play as Hoshikawa Subaru as you merge with fugitive War-Rock to become Rockman to combat FM-Aliens that are attempting to take War-Rock’s hot bestial body Andromeda Key to destroy Earth. Stories in Rockman games aren’t particularly strong (gogogo plot holes of X series!), so no comment there.

Gameplay: Think the Battle Network series, only 3D and you’re stuck in the back row permanently in terms of battles. Other than that, it’s the same as the BN series, you’re still battling viruses (Wave Viruses in this game) and you still use chips (Battle Cards in this game) and you also transform into something, though at first limited to 1, later 3 (From all the versions) should you have Brothers of respective versions. Speaking about Brothers, this game introduces Broadband Brother Band, a kind of buddy list that gives you fun goodies such as increased HP or bonuses should you have a Brother (Out of a total of 6). Wi-fi is available, but only strictly for above reason and card trading. Battling is ad-hoc only, meaning you better invite your neighborhood friends down in your basement for erotic Rockman battling!

Graphics: Good enough for a Rockman game on a DS, especially since its 3D. Game still uses sprites for everything else besides battles.

Sound: No voices (Lole ZX) but you still have the beeps and boops of the BN series you come to hate love. I particularly like the music in this game, you might think otherwise.

Difficulty: Game starts out easy enough like most BN games, but ramps up a bit midpoint. It’s however not big enough to make you die every time you enter a battle though. Optional stuff like secret bosses are a whole other story and well, you’ll be busting your ass trying to S-Rank them for super awesome goodies for 100% complete. I know I did, and quite frankly I felt the king of the world for the first full 60 seconds. =D

Replay Value: You got the whole Uchuukuukan no Denpa, which is like the Undernet. You also have the whole icon/symbol/dots on your title screen for completing things like getting all the Standard Cards, etc. It forms a little constellations for you troubles in collecting them all as well as netting you a picture of the game congratulating you after you beat up the beefed up version of final boss.

Overall: Rockman Whore score 11/10, later 10/10 after doing everything. Normal score 7/10. It’s nothing you haven’t already seen in the BN series, honestly.


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