Patch 0.41

Greetings, Maplers!
MapleStory Client ver. 0.41 is now live!

Come and explore two all-new, eye-catching areas–Mu Lung and Herb Town!
New Quests, Enemies, Maps, Hairstyles and more!

New Leaf City now has a Free Market! Head to Masteria and sell your goods today!
Also, the never-before-seen White Scroll makes its debut in the New Leaf City Gachapon!
Can you discover its power?

Below is a brief overview of what’s in store:

< New Quests >

– No Gong’s Teaching
– Do Gong’s Teaching
– Protecting the Peach Farm
– Intruder – The Herb Farm
…and much more!

< Monsters >

– Red Flower Serpent
– Lord Pirate’s Devoted Kru
– Mr. Alli
– Grizzly
…and much more!

< Maps >

– Mu Lung –
Mu Lung
Mu Lung Hair Salon
Mu Lung Temple
Entrance to Sky Forest
Snake Area

…and much more!

– Herb Town –
Herb Town
50-Year-Old Herb Garden
60-Year-Old Herb Garden
80-Year-Old Herb Garden
Bellflower Valley

…and much more!

– Mushroom Shrine –
A Night in the Forest
Vanished Village
Encounter with the Buddha

< Cash Item >

– Mu Lung Hair Coupons
– Robot Stand
– Shadowstyle (Effect)
– Chalkboard
– Pet Label Ring
– Pet Quote Ring
…and much more!

check out the Cash Shop!

< Bug Fixes >

– The Amorian Challenge now has all stages available –
– Pila Present will now give players their presents from others –
– The issue with the Orbis Party Quest is now fixed –

Enjoy the new content for MapleStory! Happy Mapling!

– The MapleStory Staff –


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