Patch 0.42

So… I guess this patch kinda bombed due to many people having issues with it?
-There’s a new swear filter, making 90% of the words you say impossible.
-You also have to be Lv. 16+ in order to start trading with amounts more than 1 mil, I need to go level my mule soon. =X

-Many people can’t access the game.
-No more fast clicking to get into PQs as you freeze up for a bit. =/

Greetings, Maplers!
MapleStory Client ver. 0.42 is now live!

Two brand new party quests are arrived in MapleStory! Take your friends and venture to the all-new Ludibrium Maze Quest? How well can you do? Head to the top of the Clock Tower in Ludibrium and find out! Bummer I can’t do this, 51-70. =/

In Henesys, a new party quest for Beginners awaits! Go to Tory at the Henesys Park map with 3 users above level 10 to play! Not that great for higher ups, no Safety Charm

Potion prices have been adjusted in New Leaf City! Lole lies!
Head over to the Kerning City subway, speak with Bell and ride the train over to the NLC Town Center to check them out for yourself!

< Party Quests >

– Ludibrium Party Quest
– Henesys Party Quest
< Cash Item >

– Diablo Messenger
– Loveholic Messenger
– Cloud 9 Messenger
– Centaurus Horns
– Black Overcoat of Doom

…and much more!

check out the Cash Shop!

Enjoy the new content for MapleStory! Happy Mapling!

– The MapleStory Staff –


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