Patch 0.44

Basically, a Halloween patch like many suspected. Prendergast Mansion looks like to stay as well, the whole “Need CS suit to enter” may be a Halloween thing and could be open to anyone as soon as it’s over.

Okay, from what I’ve been getting, the mansion is pretty damn empty with low leveled monsters scattered about. For now, it doesn’t seem worth it to spend 800/900 NX to get in, especially with the off chance of it becoming free once November rolls in. I’ll hold further judgment on this one, but at least a good majority of the new Halloween CS items look sexy, the Coffin cape especially. =P

Patch notes after the jump:

Greetings, Maplers!
MapleStory Client ver. 0.44 is now live! The continent of Masteria looms with mystery…what secrets does it hold? What new dangers await? In the first expansion to New Leaf City, the eerie Phantom Forest emerges from the fog…and inside, The Prendergast Mansion!

This once majestic mansion has been twisted into a maze-like structure with enemies not yet seen in the Maple World!
What happened to mansion and its inhabitants? Find out in an all-new quest series! Head to New Leaf City via the Kerning City
subway and look for the NLC Taxi at the far end of Bigger Ben to start the adventure!

Rumors abound of a mysterious new foe roaming the Phantom Forest, striking down all in his path! Are there warriors
brave enough to stand up to this powerful new boss? Advanced maplers are welcome to test their luck…against the
Headless Horseman!

An all new pet also makes its debut in MapleStory–rock out with the never-before-seen Jr. Reaper!

The Chronicles of Masteria have just begun…

Below is a brief overview of what’s in store:

< New Quests >

– A Word to the Wise
– The Past in the Present
– A Cold Hearth
– Eat This!
– Special Delivery
– Family Jewels
– A Lost Girl
– A Father’s Love
– The M-Files

…and much more!

< Monsters >

– Glutton Ghoul
– Psycho Jack
– Sophilia Doll
– Voodoo
– Hoodoo
– Nightmare
– Headless Horseman

…and much more!

< Maps >

– Phantom Forest –
Haunted House
Hollowed Ground

– Haunted House –
Ghost Chimney
Piano Room
Toy Workshop
Pumpkin Vault

…and much more!

< Item >

– Edmund’s Special Brew
– Toymaker Cap
– Toymaker Cape
– Toymaker Hammer (Weapon)
– Edmund’s Special Brew
– Sophilia’s Necklace
– Smore
– Omni Key
– Toy Workshop Key
– Heartstopper
– Pumpkin Taffy
– Red Gummy Slime
– Green Gummy Slime
– Purple Gummy Slime
– Orange Gummy Slime

…and much more!

< Cash Item >

– Jr. Reaper (Pet)
– Bionic Claw
– Old Hockey Mask
– Skull Axe
– Pop-Eye
– Skull Staff
– Count Dracula Cape
– Guitar (Pet Equip)
…and much more!

check out the Cash Shop!

< Other >

– Curse Filter Adjusted

Enjoy the new content for MapleStory! Happy Mapling!

– The MapleStory Staff

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