Guide for DSG I

Or Dangerous Sea Gorge I in other words.

I plan to write one for the this first set of Squid maps  as soon as I have some free time. To use the guide effectively, you must have some points into Puppet, 6 at best for the 20 seconds that will definitely help. As for Strafe, it’s best for it to be maxed, but I guess it would work at 20+. In terms of Bowmen, Arrow Bomb works wonders as well, stunning mobs can save your butt when dealing with the bottom spawn.

It will be based on how I handle the map, so there might be some disagreements once it’s up. It’s not meant to be followed word-by-word, but rather as a general guide to beginner Puppeting. I might update it once I get better skills such as Inferno for luring or Arrow Rain for safeguard spamming, but that won’t be for quite a while. =P

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