Exciting day?

Well today was pretty eventful, when it came to questing.

While I was doing the Naora Hospital quest, I decided to head on over to Z. Mushmom, remembering it had an OK spawn of Z. Mushroom.

I ended up meeting Z. Mushmom, who I found to be as easy as regular Mushmom, whudathunkit?

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(Sorry for lame quality)

As you can see, no drops unfortunately.

Anyways, later on I moseyed down to Entrance to Sanctuary to finish the A Spell thats Seals Up a Critical Danger quest. At the Sanctuary I realized a few things:

1. Not the greatest place for a ranged character to be at. With the annoying spawns of Cold Eyes, I often find myself swinging my bow/Mortal Blowing which can lead to D/Cing.

2. Cold Eyes are freakin’ everywhere. I ended up getting the famed Pink Cone hat though. =)

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3. Entrance to Sanctuary II’s right side is a killer for a Ranger, too many of Cold Eyes clump up there. Almost died/not being able to attack there. >_>

4. A place called Wild Cargo’s Area should have more Cargos rather than Cold Eyes. The way Cargos spawn (Which I barely found out) is similar to an area boss spawning, only its less than 5 minutes. I found a way to get past that by simply clearing the map out of Cargos, then changing channels (Apparently it’s okay to do that, but not in the Sanctuary) and rinse and repeat.

A fun day to sum up, learned a whole lot of things too.


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