Patch 0.52

The content in this patch is pretty much the same as the one in the test servers. The Trading system however is not functional yet, but apparently, you can’t just put any item up for auction.

Patch notes after the jump.

Greetings, Maplers!

MapleStory Client ver. 0.52 is here!

First off, a big congratualations to FangBlade, the first Level 200 player in the Maple World! It took a lot of hard work, and we salute you!

Onto this month’s updates:

With a fearsome roar through the land of Leafre, Horntail now awaits any and all heroes in the Maple World!
Are you tough enough to take one of the strongest Boss monsters ever to roam the land?
Visit Leafre and prepare for the fight of your life!

Spiegelmann has arrived in Kerning City, Ludibrium and Orbis!
Experience the all-new Monster Carnival, where you can compete with friends and rivals alike for fantastic new prizes!

Easter is here, be sure to visit the Mad Bunny for this year’s Easter Egg hunt!

< New Quests >

– 2008 Easter : Easter Basket (Maple Administrator)
– 2008 Easter : Mad Bunny’s Easter(Yellow Eggs)
– 2008 Easter : Mad Bunny’s Easter(Green Eggs)
– 2008 Easter : Mad Bunny’s Easter(Golden Egg)
– Moira’s Whereabouts
– Hero’s Mark
– Badge of a Squad Member
– Secret Medicine for Transformation
– The Last Hour of Horntail

…And much more!

< Monsters >

– Horntail
– Green Cornian (Cave)
– Dark Cornian (Cave)
– Red Wyvern (Cave)
– Blue Wyvern (Cave)
– Dark Wyvern (Cave)
– Skelegon (Cave)
– T-Skelgon (Cave)
– Jr. Newtie (Cave)
– Nest Golem (Cave)

< Item >

– Carnival Point 1
– Carnival Point 2
– Carnival Point 3
– Party Mana Elixir
– Party Elixir
– Party Power Elixir
– Party All Cure Poison
– Mini Cube of Darkness
– Cube of Darkness
– Stunner
– Cornian’s Marrow
– Mark of the Squad 1
– Mark of the Squad 2
– Mark of the Squad 3
– Zakum Certificate
– Papulatus Certificate
– Pianus Certificate
– Certificate of the Dragon Squad
– Nine Spirit’s Egg

…and much more!

< Maps >

– Carnival Fields –
– Horntail’s Cave –

< Cash Item >

– Gachapon is updated! (All towns) –
– 2x EXP Card (4 Hours)
– 2x Drop Card (4 Hours)
– Superstar Headphones (Hat)
– April Fool’s Day Packages (gender friendly!)
– Baby Lupin Cape (Cape)
– Celestial Crown (Hat)
– Elephant Slippers (Shoes)
– Zhu Ba Jie Package

check out the Cash Shop!

Enjoy the new content for MapleStory!

– The MapleStory Staff –


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