The User Interface

Haha, it might be a bit silly to make a guide for the UI , but this is for those curious in what’s current with the latest UI. The UI example on the main site is a bit outdated, so I think this’ll definitely help.

This guide will be coming up eventually too!

It’s up, sorta. It’ll be finished eventually, and will have additional images for further guidance.

Alright, here’s the main screen, and I can promise you it’ll look like this almost 100% of the time you play.

Well, now that they added the Trade button in the recent patch, I might need to update the image, but only when I reach 90 =P. 

Image Hosted by

As you can see, I labeled the most important features on the screen with numbers. I’ll go over each individual to the best of my knowledge.

1. This is pretty much the character you create and control. How it looks is up to what you have currently equipped, whether it’s actual equipment, or CS items.

2. This is your character’s IGN, or “In-game name” in other words. Pretty self explanatory, you can also change it via a certain item in the Cash Shop, though it’ll cost you a pretty penny to do so.

3. This is the game’s cursor, the second variation from it’s original Beta form. Think of it as the cursor in any OS system and you’re set. You can use it to select items, use items, hover over certain terms to have a more detailed explanation, the list goes on really.

4. This is the mini-map, which shows your current location in the MS world. It has three different settings,

  • a. The first simply displays the name of the area you are currently in, with no map provided
  • b. The second displays the mini-map, but without the name of the location you are in.
  • c. The third and last option displays both the name of the location of where you are at, and a map of your location as well. It even shows the current area’s icon, a neat feature really.

You can switch between the three by pressing the “-” and “+” signs at the top or pressing the “Mini-Map” button you have assigned on your keyboard layout (More on that later). You can also view the world map as well by click the “WORLD” button next to the “+” button.

5. This is the part of the UI (User Interface) that is pretty much the most crucial part of your character. Starting from the left, the first pane shows your character’s current Lv. as well as your character’s IGN and current class/class rank. The second panels displays your character’s current/maximum HP (Hit Points), MP (Magic Points), and your EXP (Experience). All three values are displayed in both numerically and graphically. To easily tell the difference between the three, remember that HP is displayed as a red gauge, MP as a blue gauge, and EXP as a yellow gauge. Now to go in-depth!

  • HP: This represents your character’s current amount of vitality, or life. Whenever your character gets hurt, it’s HP will go down. Should it reach 0, your character dies and suffers an EXP penalty as well as being warped to the nearest town, unless you get revived by a Priest/Bishop via the Resurrect spell. You can regain HP either through using items, sit on a bench/chair, or stand still and wait as you gradually regenerate your HP. The maximum base amount one can achieve without buffs is 10,000.
  • MP: This represents your character’s current capacity of magic. Pretty much all skills/magics you use involves using up MP, though unlike HP where if it reaches 0, you die, when your MP reaches 0, it simply means you cannot use any skill/magic. This can be remedied by recovering your MP either through again, using items or by sitting on a bench/chair. Unlike HP regeneration, you don’t need to stand still for your MP regeneration to kick in, as even if you are fighting off an enemy, your MP will regenerate. Like HP, the maximum base MP your character can have is 10,000.
  • EXP: This represents your character’s current level of expertise in battle. As you defeat enemies, you will be rewarded some EXP. Should you reach a certain amount of EXP, you’re character will level up. This is your character’s natural way of becoming stronger besides using items, wearing equipment, or being under a buff. You can tell how much EXP you need left to reach the next level by either hovering your cursor over your EXP gauge, seeing if your gauge is filled completely, or by checking your current status and hovering of your EXP. A note is that as you rise in levels (Lv.), the more EXP you need to advance to the next Lv. Be careful, you can lose EXP if your character dies, the amount you lose is dependent on your character’s class and current LUK value.

6. This is where the chat box is displayed. Here you can view chat from all around the world, in one way or another. There are some variations of chats, such as different color fonts or chat highlights, the list below will cover chat highlight colors:

  • No color: This type of text is the most common, as you’ll see this one when someone chats in the same map as you.
  • Blue: This type of text appears when someone uses a Regular Megaphone. You probably won’t see this one too often as it will only show on the same channel that it used on, i.e. someone uses a Megaphone on Ch. 5, it will only appear on Ch. 5.
  • Pink: This type of text appears when someone uses a Super Megaphone, this is pretty common as it affects the entire server/world rather than just a single channel.
  • Purple: This type of text appears when someone uses an Avatar Megaphone, not only will you see text in your chat box when someone uses this, but the message also appears in the upper right corner of your screen.

Note that there are other variations of chat highlights not yet released in our version, such as White, Red, and Black. I’m not too sure about what type of Megaphone these associate with, but I will post once I find out.

This list will cover the different color fonts that appear in a chat:

  • White: This one is the most common, as this one appears when someone talks in the same map you are in.
  • Green: This one appears when someone is whispering to you.
  • Yellow: This one appears not from a person, but rather from the game itself. These are also called “[MapleTip]” as they are designed to tell the user some useful game facts.
  • Purple: This one appears when you form a party and choose to talk to your party/someone talks in your party.
  • Magenta: This one appears when someone talks in your Guild, or when Guild notices are made.
  • Fuschia: This one appears when you talk to your spouse, which only applies when you are married of course.
  • Orange: This one appears when one of your buddies are speaking/you are speaking to your buddies.
  • Light Red: This one appears to notify you for a variety of things, such as having an insufficient amount of MP to use a skill, a couple getting married, to notify of one of your skills is going to expire (i.e. Puppet timer), and much more.
  • Grey: This one appears when you are inflicted with a status disorder, when you successfully find a person using the “/find” command and much more.
  • Blue: This one appears when a GM is talking, when a GM notifies everyone that a user is banned, and in events where it is specially needed (i.e. certain quests, the defeat of Horntail, etc.)

In addition to the plethora of color differences, the chat box also allows you to specifically talk to a certain group of people indicated to the left of the chat input box. From there you can choose to talk to All, to Whisper, to your Buddy, to your Party, to your Spouse, and to your Guild.

You can also adjust the size of how many chats you wish to see by hovering your cursor on the top of the chat box. The cursor will change, and you can adjust it all the way up, or all the way down. If you don’t want to see the chat box, you can click on the “-” button to the very right of the chat input box to hide the chat box. You can make it appear again by pressing the “+” button.

To be continued…


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